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" He no longer needed fishing boats and stale bread for survival... "


March 14, 2009

a brief thank you to my life partners

--- now & in advance.


"I am so blessed to say that I have found another soul that not only shares the same passions that I have within me… but an affectionate, devoted, gorgeous soul that is as animated and poignant as you are and continue to be. I thank you. I thank you for who you are. I thank you in advance for whom you will grow to be and I thank you now for everything that you exemplify. As your sister, life partner, student/teacher, soul mate and confidant... I pledge to you that I will continue to pay it forward. I will continue to learn, embrace, and grow for as long as youallow me to and for everything that has and will be for us ---- I thank you in advance, not only do I thank you now, but I thank you and everyone that has helped bring out me, I thank you for eternity."

April 04, 2009

--- the come back.

Life has truly been an amazing journey for me.


I've learned.


"You and I both know that we have spent most of our lives trying to adjust to someone else… whether it is a male or female companion. How theyliked their food, clothes, music, movies, and most importantly howtheyviewed and ultimately, lived life.. I feel that both you and I have spent most of our lives being a chameleon. That we spent most of our lives trying to adjust to what and who everyone else was… but at the end of the day, I am so grateful and I feel so accomplished to be able to say that I now know that it was neverus that needed to change who we were and how we viewed life. We are two amazing individuals with such a spiritually powerful passion in life that I am now able to laugh at every experience I thought I would never live through.. I have learned that it was every other negative person that we surrounded ourselves with that [we allowed and encouraged to bring out] that negative being in us, free. I have grown to understand that we exemplify a certain magnetic force that ultimately attracts both negative and positive influences… but I am only interested in the positive influences… and in knowing, learning, and in understanding that… I nowknow that I am who I am today, because of who I chose to be around, who I choselet influence me, and who I chose and allowed to let change me.."


I've loved.


"The way I have grown to love you has been an amazing experience in itself. What I have learned and obtained from loving you has and always will be priceless and untouchable. This is a different love, and I am forever… thankful and gratified to have experienced such a love that lets you breathe… that enlightens your very soul, that allows you to be and become who you are and who you were meant to be. This is a love that is indescribable and I am in love with this love that I have found through you."


I've lost.


"The sad part about life is not that it ends so soon, but that it takes a while for it to finally begin."


I've lived. 


"You are right; I am at a cornerstone in my life. This is and forever will be, a moment where I will [reminice] and remember forever. I don’t think I can express to you how [blessed] I feel to not only have found myself, but to share this experience with the many people that I have thus far. I will look back on this moment and not think of me, but you and everyone that helped bring the real me out. It is [truly a blessing] to be able to say that you have surrounded your life around people that have changed you; people who helped you bring out the person you were meant to be… and in turn, learn, live, laugh, and grow together. That is seriously some priceless shit."


There's no possible way that I could summarize what I've learned and conquered throughout these trying years. I am disappointed that I have limited documentations, memoris and photos to distribute.. but life starts differently for everyone... my life beginshere&now.


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